Here are a few shots of the Monza one piece front nose. It spent a lot of its time suspended from the ceiling of the shop. But now it is installed on the car. The tilt bars have been bonded to the hood and the brackets are installed on the frame.

Since the tilt nose doesn't use the factory hood latches, I had to fabricate some sheetmetal stand offs with rubber bumpers to hold the post for the Mr Gasket Hood Pin Locks.

The hood installation is almost complete. Just a few more adjustments to make. As you can see here it does tilt open. Unfortunately when the weight of the big block is there it doesn't open quite as far.

To help line up the hood and add support to the lower fender section I fabricated these supports from 22 gage steel sheet. They are permenatly bonded to the lower fender piece.

The factory grille didn't fit, it was actually to short. This is the start of the three piece grille which is going to be constructed from 3/8" steel tube. The factory turn signal will be attached behind the grille in the stock location.